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cuteshit's Journal

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a new community for girls & boys that know what's up.
not a rating community.

step 1.ask to be added to community list.
step 2. if moderator accepts you, you may post pictures & talk about anything in the interest list [or something of the like].
all posts most be FRIENDS ONLY, otherwise they will be deleted.

no: pictures that have nothing to do with anything, introduction-only posts [sorry, but i don't care how old you are or where you are from], promos for other communities, whited out face pictures.

anything i don't like i will most likely delete. yeah, what a bitch.
..and please remember, this is a new community. i will add more stuff to the info and interests later.

love, beri creator & mod
ifoundaddiction best friend & co-mod
oh_halo boyfriend & co-mod.
8 tracks, anniversaries, anthropologie, antique instruments, antiques, art, audrey hepburn, aveda, bags, bakelite, bangs, barbeques, bedhead, being in love, belts, best friends, bicycles, birds, blue eyes, boat rides, books, bows, brooches, brown, charm bracelets, cheap champagne, chihuahuas, cigarettes, cocktails, coffee, coloring books, cooking, cosmetology, couples, cowboy boots, cuddling, cute boyfriends, cute girlfriends, david lachapelle, diesel, dinner parties, dior, diy, dog walking, dumpster diving, ebay, farms, film, flowers, freckles, french new wave, friends, friendship, fruits japan, gardening, gloves, good personalities, green, green eyes, handmade things, happy tree friends, hearts, heatherette, hello kitty, high heels, holding hands, homemade books, homemade clothing, hoodies, horses, hot chocolate, hot tea, hugs, i love you letters, ice cream, ichat, juicy couture, kisses, kittens, lace, laundromats, layers, leg warmers, letters, lilies, lingerie, makeup, marc jacobs, milk shakes, mini coopers, mittens, mix tapes, models, muscle cars, music, olsen twins, orchids, owls, painting, parks, paul mitchell, paychecks, pen pals, photobooths, photographs, photography, picnics, postcards, puppies, rabbits, rain boots, record players, ribbons, road trips, rollercoasters, romance, ruffles, sanrio, scooters, secrets, sequins, shelby mustangs, skirts, sleepy eyes, slip ons, snail mail, sugargliders, super 8s, sushi, tattoos, tea, tea parties, teapots, text messaging, theme parks, thermals, thrift stores, tiffany & co, tote bags, traveling, trees, typewriters, underwear, victorian houses, video games, vintage clothes, vintage furniture, vinyl toys, vitamin water