Bre! (iheartyourkissx) wrote in cuteshit,

HELP- Black coat/jacket for the summer?

Does anyone know where I can find a fitted, semi-long Black coat/jacket for the summer?

It doesn't necessarily have to be called a "peacoat," because other black summer coats would be great too. It needs to be thin enough to wear over the summer, but thick enough to actually be coat-like.

I'm looking for something with a flattering fit that preferably (as far as length) goes down to the butt, or past the butt. But not one of those coats that goes down to the knees of course. haha. I would like it to be somewhat fitted, but could have more of defined shape that is flattering. Nothing 80's thats bulky on top, I'm looking for more of a tighter fit around the arms and upper chest that flares a bit out to hide my lower body.

I'm looking to spend $15-$75. I'd probably want to buy this in a store and not online if possible, so I could try it on. Any ideas?

This coat is similar to what I'm looking for. Where can I get something like this?

This is the length I'm looking for, but I don't like the collar on this one

This is a hot black coat, but I'm not so sure about the material, and it prob wouldn't be long enough
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